Steel Screw Piling Benefits

  • Load bearing capacity is related to the installation torque, and this often reveals local soft spots in the site that would not be detected when boring for concrete piers.
  • Bored holes for concrete that collapse due to dry sand or a high water table are easily replaced with steel screw piers.
  • Load testing is easily carried out.
  • Steel screw piers can be used for underpinning, bridges; jetties; house, commercial & industrial building foundations; along easements; electricity and communications towers; boardwalks; pipelines; conveyer belt frames in mining.


  • Fast installation time during the vulnerable groundwork period gets your foundations out of the ground.

Light Weight Machinery

  • Less heavy machinery activity on site.qpilefoundations-1

Piles In All Sizes

  • Piles are designed for the loads and ground conditions at your site.
  • Piles range from 50 kN (5 t) to 2000 kN (200 t).

Low Set-up Costs

  • Lower set-up cost than deep bored & grouted piers.

Clean & Environmentally Friendly

  • No soil to remove from site
  • No noise from hammered piles
  • No vibration from hammered piles

Suitable In Acid Soils

All Work Done To AS2159

Engineering Certification At Job End

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These 2 photos below show the effects of disturbing compressible soils in the Noosaville area.
The compressible layer was 4.0m down, and just below a thin hard layer
that was penetrated with the screw pile.
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disturbing-compressible-soils-1 disturbing-compressible-soils-2