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  • Common screw pile capacities range from 5 to 200 tonnes; and can be installed with “Dingos”, loaders or excavators.
  • Foundation engineering is a combination of soil mechanics, engineering geology and pile design, and relies heavily on proper judgment derived from past experience and testing.

Underpinning since 1994

Underpinning is the usual remedy for foundations that have subsided, which causes cracking of walls and slabs.

Basically there are three methods of underpinning.

  • Screw piles with a sliding “L” shaped bracket under the footing. The bracket is jacked up and raises the footing. An advantage is speed of installation, less soil removal , Known load bearing capacity and re-adjustable.
  • Concrete filled bored piers with a cantilevered pad on top that protrudes under the footing. After curing, a jack is inserted between the pad and the footing and the building is raised. Disadvantages are that it is a slow process, lots of soil to be removed, difficult in high water table areas, and the heavy bored pier can slowly sink over time.
  • Pressure injection of chemical grout, epoxy or expanding foam into the soil and under the footing or slab. Generally a good solution but limited in deep soft soils; sometimes  needs to be repeated after a few years.

We use the screw pile method. The photos show a typical screw pile installation and also a corroded post replacement job.

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screw-piles-screw-pilingUnder-pinning at rear of photo 3.0m retaining wall on LHS with no vibration installation